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BlueLab Truncheon Nutrient Meter

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BlueLab Truncheon Nutrient Meter

Quickly determine the Electrical Conductivity (EC) strength in the hydroponic solutions you are using to nourish your growing plants. You can choose to have the testing data reflected via an EC scale; a CF scale or the PPM( TDS/700) scale. *EC (electro-conductivity) is calculated in values ranging from (0.2-3.6). CF readings merely eliminate the decimal.

Auto-sense feature eliminates the need for switching the machine on and off. Sturdy design and waterproof construction add extra value to your purchase.

Consumers are pleased to discover the exceptional versatility, ease of use and reliability offered by the Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter. The LED displays are readily visible during the day or night. There are no worrisome buttons and dials. The battery life is even guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. With all of the positive features to consider there is little doubt that Bluelab now offers the truncheon nutrient meter that is certain to become a favorite of all growing enthusiasts.

Product Details

  • Choice of 3 nutrient scales

  • EC (0.2 - 3.6)values

  • CF (2 - 36) values and 

  • PPM values (TDS and 700 scale)

  • Auto-sense switches machine on and off as needed

  • Self-calibrating design

  • Elimination of externally attached buttons, dials and switches

  • Waterproof housing 

  • 1 year minimum life for the product battery

These Truncheon Nutrient Meters come with a Bluelab 2 year product guarantee.

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