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Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0

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Botanicare Cal Mag Plus

Botanicare cal-mag plus is the ideal choice when you need to amend growing mediums with poor nutrient quality. Eliminates the problems associated with common calcium/magnesium deficiencies. The biological catalysts in this formula will greatly improve cellular uptake/transport of H2O and plant nutrients. The end result will be the production of stronger, more vigorous crops.

Compatible with all garden environments (soil, soil-free and hydroponic) and can even be used with other forms of plant supplements and fertilizers.

With an abundance of nitrogen this formula quickly solves nutrient deficiencies that negatively impact garden plants. This specialized formula is a cornucopia of nitrogen, essential minerals, plant extracts and amino acid chains.

Custom designed to feed the voracious metabolic rate of healthy, growing plants. Promotes faster cellular division and supports earlier maturity of fruits, buds and flowers. Concentrated formula provides the benefits of essential calcium and magnesium. Supplies additional sources of iron and trace minerals.

Nitrogen rich product encourages the development of lush, green leaves and strong, healthy stems. Will help gardeners solve problems related to poor nutritional uptake such as blossom-end rot and stunted growth. Helps naturally elevate TDS and EC levels, especially if reverse osmosis filtration is being used to purify and sterilize water sources. Offers gardeners an easy way to correct nutrient imbalance in soils and other growth mediums

Restores proper calcium, iron and magnesium balance to all growing mediums. Helps maintain proper levels of Ca and Mg. Safe to use with all your garden plants; and customer satisfaction is guaranteed for up to a full year following the date of purchase.


Increase the production of flowers, blossoms and fruit in your garden or greenhouse. Unlock the secret to speedier, healthier plant growth with applications of this organic plant supplement. The formula is uniquely designed to help fuel those botanical processes that are necessary for your garden to thrive. Use in any garden environment to boost and maintain a proper nutrient balance. Assists in helping plants withstand stress and unfavorable climate conditions. Delivers easily-absorbable nitrogen compounds plus beneficial calcium and iron for strong and healthy crop development


  • Specialized blend of crucial plant nutrient and minerals

Product contains precise amounts of

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • Magnesium

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Iodine

  • Amino Acids

  • Organic plant extracts

  • Manganese

  • Cobalt

  • Boron and

  • Molybdenum

  • Simple to use formula can be used throughout growing cycle


  • Easily supplements gardens which are being irrigated with reverse-osmosis H2O

  • Eliminates common “blossom-end” rot

  • Corrects problems such as stunted growth, leaf curl and chlorosis

  • Guaranteed to help boost the rate and effectiveness of nutrient uptake

  • Full year company warranty

  • Easy to dilute and apply

  • Safe, natural ingredients

  • Can be used in all gardens

  • Supports the production of heavier fruits/flowers/harvests


  • Mix (add to water) according to label directions and apply to plants.

  • Best results occur when this formula is combined with your regularly scheduled fertilizers/supplements

  • The feeding chart specifies the exact amount of concentrated formula to use for each phase of the growth cycle beginning with the first week of vegetative development.

  • **Not intended for use with sprouts and young seedlings

Scope of Use

  • Should be used for hydroponic gardens that utilize reverse osmosis filtering systems

  • Corrective formula targets and resolves mineral deficiencies of calcium/magnesium

  • Intended for use whenever additional calcium/magnesium supplements are necessary

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