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Botanicate Silica Blast

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Silica Blast (Potassium Silicate)

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Build up the strength of plant tissue. Your plants will flourish when given silica to counteract negative conditions including frost, heat and drought.

This beneficial nutrient supplement is a bio mass and yield increaser that was designed to build plant tissue strength. Silica blast is built to be used with most standard nutrients including botanicare and is perfect for when used in hydroponics, soilless container gardening and soil medias.

Help your plants form a strong matrix of silica in its cell walls.  These cells will reduce the rate of transpiration while helping your plants photosynthesis even in the most stressful conditions

There are numerous benefits to using silica blast including strengthening of stems while increasing the harvest weight of numerous varieties of plants. You will also see a stable ph in both hydro gardens and re-circulating gardens.

Help your plants to flourish in even the most extreme conditions while continuing the process of photosynthesis is hot climates. Silica can be used in almost any all growing media. When container gardening please add .5 to 1 tsp for every gallon of water. If you are a hydro gardener, add 0.5 tsp for every gallon for medium sized plants and 1tsp per gallon for mature plants.

If you want to get the most benefits from silica, you should use it every one to two waterings throughout your plants life cycle and for those who are hydro gardeners, you should use it in your reservoir every five to seven days while adjusting your pH to 6.0

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CA$ 32.58

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