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Bud Trimmer

Top Quality Bud Trimmers

We are in this business since 2002 with trust and quality. We are verified store by Canadian government.

Prices are in Canadian Dollar. Call or email us for any assistance.

  • Centurion Pro Bud/Leaf Trimmer
  • Twister Trimming Machine
  • Spin Pro Trimmer
  • Trimpro Trimming Machine
Bud trimmer is used for the harvesting of your plants to mechanically remove excess leaves and twigs from your plants. Depending upon the size if your harvest. The benefits of using a bud trimming machine over manual trimming cannot be over emphasized but looking through each of its features one can vividly see that it is reasonably preferred to manual trimming as in:
  • Blade Speed / Airflow – The speed of the blade can be set to low, medium and high. As the blade speed increases so does the suction and vortex. You can further adjust the airflow by opening and closing the lids and vents on top of the machine. You will find different blade speeds and lid positions are more effective in one instance over another.
  • Bud Trimming Machine

  • Blade Depth – The depth of the blade can be adjusted on the fly to accommodate different strains.
  • Rotor/Silicon Fingers – The rotor contains 4 sets of soft, flexible, ¼ inch food grade silicon fingers that assist in the movement of the product over the grate. The rotor is mounted to a variable speed/reversible motor that allows you to adjust the rotor speed to match the desired airflow.
  • Cycle Time – The patented combination of vortex and rotor technologies trims your flowers quickly delivering cycle times as low as 30 seconds. Shorter cycle times equal less damage to your product. This allows you to trim a greater volume in shorter period of time and also allows you to trim longer between cleanings, reducing maintenance and downtime. Without mixing words, you understand that a bud trimmer is a very simple and easy to appliance that can be used to yield a perfectly manicured product. Its maintenance is also very easy. All you have to do is rinse out like any ordinary kitchen appliance.

But before you put it back in storage make sure that the bud trimmer is absolutely dry. The hand crank is easy to turn and requires little effort allowing you to use it for hours without requiring rest. So if you are looking at a machine that will save your hours and hours of labor, the leaf trimming is just the thing that you are looking for. It can also be a great gift for a friend who you know spends a lot of valuable time just trying to extract perfect buds from an entire harvest. Those who have hired trimmers for such a job will save huge amounts of money because the leaf trimmer eliminates the need for manual labor. So get yourself a leaf trimmer or a bud trimmer and see your life transform.

There are many types of trimming machines available. Small (spinpro), medium (trimpro) and big (centurion pro, shearline, twister). Electric or manual units are available depending on your work volume.

Quality assured. Shop confidently with trust.

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