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CALiMAGic 1-0-0

Calcium Magnesium Supplement

This outstanding plant product will help your plants optimize their nutritional uptake while enhancing both the plants development and growth. Designed to prevent blossom end rot and tip burn in high cash crops including tomatoes and lettuce. Great for plants that require extra calcium.

Calimagic is a made from a highly concentrated mix of calcium and magnesium that is easy for your plants to assimilate. This uniquely designed recipe  was designed to help your fast growing plants while avoiding secondary plant nutrient deficiencies.Calimagic will help to optimize your plants nutritional uptake as well as improving your plants development and growth. This product prevents blossom end rot as well as tip burn associated wth many high yield crops including those of lettuce and tomatoes. Ideal for those plants that require extra calcium

Add calimagic to your normal feed schedule. Guaranteed to be a clean and fully soluble plant product that will never plug up your drip emitters and spray lines. Can be used safely in any reservoirs and with many of the the top plant fertilizers.

Directions for use:

Please add 1ml per liter or 1 teaspoon per gallon 

If you are using an RO (reverse osmosis system) or purified water,  then you will need to add 1ml per Liter or 1tsp for every gallon of water prior to adding your nutrients to the reservoir. Coco coir and prepared soils and soiless mixes please add 1ml per liter or 1 tsp per gallon  to moisten your growing media and  to your reservoirs nutrient solution for the first 2 weeks. For best results continue to use for fast growing annuals

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