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Canna Substra Vega Hard A/B

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Canna Substra Vega Hard A/B

Features of the strong crops and plants in good physical shape are necessary unitary shoots and conjointly, a flourishing root system development. Vega hard is developed particularly to provide the plant’s needs adequately in hard water scenario. SUBSTRA Vega hard can be applied to every kind of inert mediums. A total absorption of nutrients and water is ensured from the onset of the cultivation as a result of the fact that SUBSTRA Vega contains directly absorbable atomic nitrogenous compounds and trace elements.

Features: It comprises of directly and easily absorbable nitrogenous constituents. This product comes in A and B concentrates.

Direction for use:

  • A pre-made chemical mix would be formed by diluting A & B concentrates of equal amounts in water.

  • Shake Substra Vega A and Substra Vega B properly.

  • Proper dosage is 40 ml per 10Litres at maximum.

  • Recommended Acidity range is 5.2 - 6.2.

  • Recommended Electronic conductivity for Vega A + B substrates is 0.8 - 1.5 mS/cm (Part A and part B and water supply at 0.0 EC).

  • Water gift: 3-5 L/ m² per day.

Tips for use:

  • Never combine the A-concentrate directly in conjunction with the B-concentrate, as insoluble mixtures may surface.

  • First Aid: If there is a contact of the chemical with delicate parts of the body such as eyes, wash carefully with water for a couple of minutes.

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