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Centurion Pro The Gladiator Marijuana Trimming Machine

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Centurion Pro Gladiator Trimmer

Centurion pro gladiator trimmer is the perfect name for this unique medical marijuana trimmer. It designed and built for very serious gardeners and commercial or industrial operations.

Why The Gladiator:

  • It has two times as much cutting capacity as the CenturionPro and measures in 30” by 25” by 27” and is lighter than it looks at a mere 150Lbs.

  • High speed dry and wet bud trimming machine.

  • For maximum efficiency, it has a 4Hp Industrial blower and comes with a single 7amp, 120-volt motor responsible for propelling both of the tumblers as well as the cutting reels.

  • This is the first, and only single motor double tumbler on the market today. While delivering over 75,000 cuts every minute with its sharp D2 hardened steel blades, this workhorse will prune between 16 and 24Lbs of dry material and between 80 and 120 pounds of wet material every hour.

  • Consistent and proper cuttings.

  • It is an automatic trimming machine also comes with a large capacity hopper that will fold down easily making it a breeze to store.

  • It can do work more than 40 people.

If you are a serious gardener, at a commercial or industrial level, then this units value can not be measured simply by its cost. Save time, increase security, reduce stress, save money. With so many benefits, there are no good reasons to say no. Buy one today and Relax!


CenturionPro Solutions stands behind their 3-year warranty. This includes all parts that are defective. This guarantee does not cover stupidity of operator or abusing the machine. operator error or abuse. The 3-year warranty also covers the motor. With this kind of warranty, you can be certain that you hard earned dollars are being invested into a serious workhorse that will make your job much easier.

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Centurion Pro

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