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Centurion Pro The Silver Bullet

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Centurion Pro Silver Bullet

Centurion pro silver bullet is newly improve and is far superior to other comparable machines in the market place today. With the ability to compare to 25 employees, this machine is tireless. Everytime it works you will be saving money. No more feeding employees or giving them their perks. Just think about it, you are going to bring your labor costs down to about $25 per pound of dried and ready to market product.

Imagine how much money you will save by owning the Silver Silver Bullet. This investment will pay itself off so quickly.


  • Process pieces as small as raisins without waste. Less waste always equals more profits.

  • This light and compact design is also very strong and the result of countless hours of design and ingenuity. It is easy to move from one location to another even if you only have a car. You don't need a truck to move this one.

  • Comes with a dust collection system that is perfectly designed for the machine, It can run off a small generator of only 500 watts that has a 120 volt plug. This option makes it perfect for outdoor gardeners wanting to get the harvest done quickly and onsite.

  • The razor sharp blades are made D2 hardened steel which is below carbide grade allowing your blades to last 50 times longer than other blades. Yes, you read that right, they can last 50 times longer.

  • Dis-assembly and cleaning is quick and easy. How easy you ask? You can break down and clean the machine in 10 mins to half an hr and all it takes are 2 allen keys and on this machine you can access all the parts of the machine by simply removing the blade and bed bar.

Warranty:3 years on all defective parts. Obviously this warranty won't cover damage caused by error or abuse. Even the motor has a 3 year warranty.

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Centurion Pro

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