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Centurion Pro Quantanium Dry Tumbler

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Centurion Pro Tumbler (Parts)

CA$ 599.00

Trimming marijuana buds by hand is laborious and time-consuming. So let a machine do it for you! CenturionPro boasts the leading designs in cannabis bud-trimming technology. Take a look at these four unique tumblers:

Quantanium Dry Tumbler

It uses a non-stick coating and is resistant to damage. Its revolutionary technology allows for maximum production.


  • Trichomes do not stick to its surface.

  • Reduced maintenance times

  • Allows for more precise cutting of bud and also minimizes clean-up time

  • Designed for cutting dry materials, which allows for precise cutting and superior blade design

  • Newly designed blade surpasses even the quality of cooking utensils.

Compatible machines: Compatible with most CenturionPro units. Quantanium tumblers require the new blade in order to operate properly.

Quantanium Wet Tumbler

Wet trimming marijuana buds tends to be easier and will result in a product with a less severe odor. The Quantanium wet tumbler is the original, go-to choice for all growers of wet bud in the marijuana market.


  • Requires minimal maintenance

  • Resistant to weather damage

  • Precise bud-cutting

Compatible machines: Compatible with the original CenturionPro, Gladiator and Silver Bullet. Requires the new blade in order to operate properly.

Dry Tumbler

It is more safe and gentle than any other in the market, utilizing a sleek design to deliver on productivity and cut down on staff.


  • Innovative blade design makes every cut as precise.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Precise cut.

Compatible machines: Compatible with the Centurion Original, Silver Bullet, Gladiator and Mini.

Wet Tumbler

The Wet Tumbler is made with leading-edge technology that will boost your productivity. Its sleek electro polished finish and design are envied in the market, offering its users


  • Less clean-up time

  • Minimal maintenance.

  • Ultra-resistance to damage and its rapid output

  • Durable and corrosion resistant to extreme weather

Compatible Machines: Compatible with the CenturionPro Original, Silver Bullet, Gladiator and Mini.

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