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Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer

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Clear Vinyl Plant Saucers

The Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer is both ornamental and functionally beneficial to your plants. This plant saucer brings delightful visuals to your garden. It’s made from vinyl making sure that its sculptural appeal does not go away easily. Plants planted in the saucer create a spectacle that is attractive and unique. It is also easy to replace the plant if you are not happy with how the plant is performing.

The saucers do not require an extra support system such a cage, rope or stake. They are additionally big enough to accommodate even the bigger plants. It is constructed so that the soil or growing media doesn’t become too cold in the colder months. It also offers better air circulation than most pot planters. This implies that there’s a reduced likelihood of diseases especially those that affect the plant’s root system.

They are relatively new in the market. They are lightweight hence quite portable when compared to other plant saucers.

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