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Clearex Salt Leaching Solution

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Clearex Salt Leaching Solution

A Botanicare product that balances the storage of salt in your media. Carefully leach your salt without any damage to your plants and improves the quality of your harvest. Comes in Quart and gallons

It leach salt from your plants as well as a solution for flushing that allows you to remove and fix problems associated with building up of salts and nutrient deposits in your growing media and soilless gardens

Several of the benefits of using this Botanicare product is that enhances the flavor of your plants while increasing your yields. It also triggers the last stages of your plants natural life cycle. This product is isotonic and gently removes salts from your plants and media in a safe manner without hurting or damaging the root hairs. Also aids in preventing wilting.

General directions for this product are to use 2tsp with every gallon of water, mix well and then adjust your pH levels. Please only use with pure water.

When used with hydroponic or re-circulating systems, drain your reservoirs nutrient solution and then add clearex and water as directed. Turn on system allowing it to re-circulate for 2 hours then drain. Now make your fresh new nutrient solution.

Just before harvest you should drain your reservoirs nutrient solution then refill with fresh water and clearex only. Run your solution through your system from three to seven days prior to harvest.

When used in Container garden you should thoroughly drench garden until you achieve a twenty to forty percent water runoff from your pot bottoms then resume normal feeding as scheduled

Just before you harvest your crop you should again use the clearex water solution until it gets ten to twenty percent is achieved from the bottom of your pots. Use for the last three to seven days before you harvest your favorite crops

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