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CNS17 Bloom Formula 2-2-3

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CNS17 Bloom Formula 2-2-3

CA$ 20.02

CNS17 Bloom is a wallet friendly highly concentrated product that will give the plant lover in your life the best results in both commercial and hobby gardener applications

This superior growing product is specially designed to be used in all growing mediums. The ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) was made to give you the most important elements for superior plant growth resulting in huge fruit and flower crops. Never worry about nutrient burn or toxicity.

CNS17 Bloom gives you the best levels of sulfates, trace minerals and calcium guaranteeing you a perfectly balanced and complete spectrum of nutrients throughout the bloom cycle of your favorite plants leading to higher yields at a cost that won’t break your wallet.

Very cost effective for those commercial growers working on larger scales. You will find it to be a very soluble nutrient that does extremely well in NFT, Aeroponics and DWC. Also has the perfect levels of potassium and phosphorus and it is pH stable too!

Suggested directions for use:

When used as a general plant food it is recommended that you add 10ml for every liter of water then simply water your garden, container gardens r favorite potting soils.

In Fertigation application you should use a ratio of 1:200. This has been proven to be suitable for a very wide selection of flowers fruits and vegetable crops.
When used as a foliar spray you should only use 5ml for every liter of water and simply spray the mixture on the underside of all your leaves and foliage. Please make sure to get even coverage and spray it on your garden only in the evenings to achieve the greatest results

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