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CNS17 Grow Formula 3-1-2

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CNS17 Grow Formula

CA$ 20.02

Introduce huge amounts of sulphates and phosphates to calcium for a total spectrum of nutrition for your plants. The molecular composition of CNS17 when diluted with watermakes the organics hydrolyze providing your beneficial microbes secondary energy.

Get the huge yields you deserve with an economical price and perfect for most types of growing medias and methods including hydroponics. You will clearly see improved performance from Botanicare’s complete liquid nutrient which is a breeze to use and provides your plants with the perfect amounts of calcium and nitrogen

Directions: When used in the Home garden and as a general plant food you should add 10ml for every liter of water and apply it directly to your soils for both containers and gardens.

In fertigation and horticulture application the prescribed rate is 1:200 and is suitable for a very wide range of fruits flowers and vegetables.

Foliar spray application is done at a rate of 5ml per liter of water. Mix and spray to cover your entire plant including undersides of leaves. Use in the early evenings for best results.

To be used on all soils and container gardens including hydroponics, coco coir, perlite, peatmoss and rockwool. Perfect for veggies, fruits and flowers and is suggested to be used as either a supplement or as a stand alone nutrient.

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