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CNS17 Ripe Formula 1-5-4

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CNS17 Ripe Formula

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This economical nutrient is highly concentrate and gives both the small grower and commercial gardener awesome results. CNS17 Ripe is made to give you the largest crops possible with quality results throughout the final stages of flowering and fruiting. By simply adding CNS17 Ripe after finishing with CNS17 Bloom two weeks before harvest will drop your nitrogen levels to a minimum while keeping your potassium and phosphorous at the perfect levels.

If you want to increase your ripening, flower density, size and oil production, then this specially designed product is  the right choice.

Simply use it in the last few weeks of flowering to give the right ratios of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to your ripening plants. You will see a increase in yield while benefiting from the economical price that will finally make large scale production cost effective. You will also benefit from using only 3 products for all your growing needs. CNS17 is a highly soluble product that goes exceptionally well in aeroponics, NFT and DWC systems and is also ph stable.

Directions: when used as a general plant food and for Home Gardening is to add 5ml for every liter of water that you use. This is an ideal amount when used as a general plant food. Simply add this water to your container gardens, potting mix or other soils and watch your garden flourish.

When used as a foliar spray, it is recommended that you add 5ml for every litre of water and make certain to spray your plants thoroughly, covering both upper and underside of all plant foliage. You should use as a foliar in the early evenings.

This method is preferred for both hydroponics, coco coir and soil and can be used for all plants that are flowering and fruiting. You can use this during the last stages of blooming to help give you an increased flower and fruit yield. CNS17 can be used both as a supplement and stand alone

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