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Grozone CO2 Controller (SCO2 0-5000 ppm)

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CO2 Controller (SCO2 0-5000 ppm)

User-friendly CO2 Controller (SCO2 0-5000ppm) provides gardening enthusiasts with automated supervision of the carbon dioxide levels within designated growing areas. Once the correct CO2 settings are selected the unit monitors the percentage of carbon dioxide in the enclosed environment. The controller will then electronically activate/deactivate so that the desired level of carbon dioxide gas is continually maintained.

No more guesswork regarding the amount of CO2 gas that is being produced for those fruits and veggies. With these automated CO2 Controllers a flick of the switch allows the user to select specific CO2 levels from a range of values (Low to High).

The CO2 generator is also programmed for night-time deactivation. This feature halts the CO2 enrichment cycle and allows the plants to rest. During the deactivation phase any excess amounts of carbon dioxide gas are eliminated from the grow room. The filter-protected CO2 sensor mechanism is conveniently located directly inside the main controller box and is easily accessible.

Unit Approved by ETL


  • Main controller unit (with automatic calibration).

  • 3 protective lint filters  (for use with Co2 Sensor)

  • Accessory Wall-Mounting Screws (1 kit)

  • User reference manual

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