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 Grozone CO2R 0-5000 ppm CO2 Controller

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CO2 Controller (CO2R)

Your grow room environment will benefit from carbon dioxide levels that are precisely monitored and maintained. CO2 generators will automatically activate/deactivate according to the desired control settings.

Easily programmed to deactivate at night. The night-time hours are when most plant species require no CO2 enrichment. Evacuation of carbon dioxide can easily be accomplished during the night with the assistance of this controller.

An auxiliary output module can be linked to the exhaust fan cycle.  In many situations CO2 loss can occur as a result of the exhaust fans and CO2 generators being operated simultaneously. This auxilliary unit keeps the exhaust fans from activating when the carbon dioxide generators are in use. This feature helps minimize the unintentional loss of CO2 in an enclosed growing area.

***The CO2R now has a High-Temp /Shut -Off feature.  If the sensors detect that the interior room temperature exceeds the user-determined value the generator will shut down and the exhaust fans will be activated.

CO2R (0-5000ppm) Purchase Details

  • Main Control unit with CO2 sensor

  • Protective lint filters (3)

  • Wall-mountable power supply

  • Two output boxes with connective cables (120vAC connections)

  • Owner/operator manual

  • Accessory screws

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