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Grozone LP5 15 000 BTU/hr CO2 Generator (Propane) 5 Burners

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CO2 Generator For Plants (LP5)

Each LP5 generator combines the power of a 15000 BTU/hour propane burner with the efficient operation of a single 120Vac power cord. An electronic smart valve replaces the standard pilot light. The smart valve ignites only when necessary. This eliminates wasted propane and reduces operating costs. Your LP5 generator can generate up to 17 cu/ft of carbon dioxide gases/per hour.

Structure has a lightweight collapsible design to minimize space requirements and reduce shipping fees. Unit can be suspended overhead or placed on a floor. Heat-resistant coating of the enclosure ensures a safer growing environment.

ETL Listed

Attached Modules

  • One LP5 burner

One Accessory kit including:

  • 10 foot section of hose

  • Gas regulator assembly

  • Two “S” hooks

  • Two (3 foot) chain sections

  • One (1A 250V Slow Blow) extra replacement fuse that is located on the power cord

User Manual:

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SKU GZ2188
Manufacturer GroZone