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General Hydroponics CocoTek Natural Coconut Coir Block

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CocoTek Natural Coconut Coir Block (Bale)

General Hydroponics Coco Tek Coir will come in loose-fill bags and OMRI-certified blocks and bricks. CocoTek Coir block is obviously devoid of any bacteria, fungal spores, plant disease and pathogens. GH Coco Tek growing media can be utilized without mixing together, also when blended together or alternatively by expanding clay stones, perlite, surface-soil, or some other growing media.


It is really a dense block of low sodium coconut coir. The growers ought to rather mix Coco Tek block having an equal volume of Hydroton (clay pellets), or along with other hydroponic media in numerous proportions. This compressed and improved block absorbs moisture faster. CocoTek makes messy block separation unnecessary.

Direction to use:

  • Just drop CocoTek in about one gallon of freshwater or light nutrient solution and permit it to inflate to approximately 1/3 of a cubic foot of CocoTek coir.

  • In parenthesis, add one brick to about two gallons of water plus the brick breaks apart to generate a good growing media for plants. The blend could be added to Hydroton to enhance water withholding capacity in non-re-circulating arrangement or adapted to pile up 10x20 tray inserts for propagation.

Tips for use:

There is usually an inferior grade of coconut fiber which yields results that are below par when used in hydroponic gardening - coconut fiber that has high contents of sodium Chloride (sea salt), and that which is fine grained with the capabilities of reducing the oxygen content inside the fiber when dampened.

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