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CocoTek Mats Organic Media Foundation

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Cocotek Hydroponic Growing Mats

CocoTek Grow mats are manufactured with excellent combinations of durable weave that is 100% organic certified coconut fiber plus natural rubber. Plants’ roots will flourish properly in this natural growth media.

General Hydroponics cocotek mats can be resized to fit any application by cutting.  They are made to lie beneath surfaces such as farm baskets, cover slabs and rock wool cubes.

Plants roots grow comfortably beneath grow mats as the conditions of moisture remains constant due to the fact that the hydroponic tray within the flood cycles prevent the moisture from total dry up.


  • 10 Growing Mats with each constituent mat measuring 20" x 10" x 3/8".

  • 100% Natural Coconut Fiber and organic latex.

  • Plant roots will bloom in this organic media.

Direction for use:

  • Cut, reduce or resize the Grow Mat to the intended size (if required) and sway it out against the plane of your tray.

  • Lay plant roots in growing media cubes, directly on cocotek mat.

  • Watch in awe as the root system flourishes in the highly humid layer beneath net cup region.

  • Sanitation is an easy scope. Just roll-up the mat with the attached roots and all there is to it and a new growth journey begins.

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