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Craft Grow Kit - Blue Sky Organics

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Craft Grow Kit

A complete package to grow anything at home. Comes with 6 different types of Blue Sky Organics product.

Organic Booster (1x30ml): A carbohydrate based natural nutrient that forces helpful microbes to enhance growth as quick as possible.

Fert Alive (1x250ml): Organic nutrient that enhances essential vitamin uptake of plants. This product will aid in quality vegetative growth and blooming.

pH Up & pH Down (2x150mg): Those products are to balance pH level of grow medium to provide better plant growing environment e.g. soil.

Vit Alive (1x150mg): A mass root development agent that can help plants grow more roots. More roots mean plants can take more of the required microbes from the soil or hydroponic system.

Organic Reactor (1x3.2kg): Promotes robust blooming for most plants. Calcium and magnesium are the key ingredients of Organic Reactor.

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Blue Sky Organics

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