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Eye Hortilux Daylight Metal Halide Lamps

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Daylight Bulbs for Plants (Blue)

Delivers natural lights which is an alternative to sunshine. Supports plants giving you greater harvests and reduces the vegetative cycle. Suitable with most eballasts.

Why Metal Halide Lights: If you want to use a high quality light with the correct spectrum to take your from initial growth throughout the vegetative cycle then MH lamps are ideal for you. MH spectrums are ideal for cultivating vegetation.

Eye Hortilux MH Blue is specially designed for the expert level grower wanting to grow highly in demand plants.

Model Ѕресіfісаtіоns


  • Universal Burn Position

  • Initial Lumens: 18,000

  • Hours of Life: 10,000 hrs

  • 250 watts


  • Base Up or Down Burn Position

  • Initial Lumens: 32,000

  • Hours of Life:12,000 hrs

  • 400 watts


  • Horizontal Burn Position

  • Initial Lumens: 29,000

  • Hours of Life:12,000 hrs

  • 400 watts


  • Horizontal Burn Position

  • Initial Lumens: 80000

  • 1000 watts

  • No lead

Тірs: Must use with enclosed fixtures and metal halide bulbs cannot be used in a high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixture.

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Manufacturer Hortilux