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Diablo bloom grow micro nutrient

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Diablo Bloom Grow Micro

CA$ 12.00

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are very important ingredients for any plant species. They are basic building blocks which help plants for proper growth and more yielding.  Diablo Micro, Grow and Bloom are base nutrients specially invented for medicinal cannabis.

Diablo Grow: Contains 2% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphorus and 6% Potassium. This ensures productive root and leaf development. So that plants can absorb more vitamins from the base.

Diablo Bloom: Made with 0% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorus and 4% Potassium. This mix ensures to develop more flower buds and sturdier and bigger blooms with more color and aroma.

Diablo Micro: Uses 5% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus and 1% Potassium. Micro improves plants immune systems, correcting proper growth and bigger flowering. 

Direction of use:

  • Growth Phase: Apply .33 to 3.96 milliliters of Diablo Grow, Micro and Bloom in equal amounts per liter of water in the first 3 weeks.

  • Bloom Phase: Apply 1.32 to 2.64 milliliters of Diablo Grow, Micro and Bloom in equal amounts per liter of water in weeks 1 to 8.

For a detailed feeding see the chart picture in the product page.

Caution: Add Micro first and do not premix nutrients, add to water only.

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