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General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar 0-1-1

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Diamond Nectar (Humic Acid)

Essential humic acid compounds are critical if you want your garden to generate fantastic plant growth. When your plants are unable to properly utilize the available nutrients due to poor or heavily compacted growing mediums this product will add organic matter that makes it easier for root systems to feed.

Humic acids are naturally bio-active substances that boost aggregation, root absorption and cellular transport of plant nutrients. Organic humic acid compounds are derived from Leonardite and then pre-packed into each container of Diamond Nectar Humic Acid. Regular applications will speed up plant development and increase the health of all your crops.

Humic acids play a vital role in plant growth. These molecular compounds propel soil based nutrients into the roots where they are quickly absorbed. The nutrients are then able to fuel higher rates of metabolic activity which leads to faster plant maturity. Now you can use this organic plant supplement to accelerate the transfer of important nutrients from any type of growing medium including hydroponic growing mediums.

Scientists have discovered that humus impacts the fertility of soil by improving its ability to hold and use water. Soluble humic acids are ideal solutions when you want to boost fertility for the growing mediums that you are using in your home gardens. Even when available nutrient levels are low the use of this product will support stunning plant growth and development.


Diamond Nectar 0/1/1 is a premium blend of natural, organic compounds that improve the quality of both soil and soil-free growing mediums. These substances promote active mineral chelation which helps with absorption and transport of botanical nutrients. This biological process binds the available nutrients to the humic acids and delivers the crucial minerals directly to the plant roots. The formula is designed to provide higher levels of bio-chemically active humic acids to a variety of growth mediums.


  • Compatible with plant fertilizers

  • Increases vitality and strength of root systems

  • Can boost overall rate/success of seed germination

  • Improves speed and effectiveness of nutrient absorption

  • Boosts microbial activity in the growth medium

  • Results in thriving plants

  • Promotes higher crop yield

  • Excellent choice for poor/low-nutrient/clay soil

  • Able to be used with hydroponic gardens

  • Provides organic material for crops/soil

  • Only natural ingredients and extracts

  • Increases plant cell metabolism by keeping pace with nutrient demands


  • Variety of product sizes (55 gallons for commercial gardens/1 quart for small garden sites/1 gallon-15 gallon containers are also available)

  • Economical and cost-effective

  • Easily enhances root absorption

  • PH buffered

  • Use with any type of growing medium/soil/substrate

  • Aids in chlorophyll synthesis for all plants

  • Provides carbon for microbial stimulation and sustainability


  • Follow label directions for dilution and use of concentrated liquid formula.

  • Add to water and apply to plants

Scope of Use

Intended as a supplement that complements regular fertilizer use. Apply to soils/growth medium that lacks organic matter/essential plant nutrients.

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