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Easy2Grow 4 AutoPot Watering System

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Easy2Grow 4

Easy2Grow 4 is the most economical and simplest system that you can use to automatically water your crops. This product is applicable whether you are developing a new system or you are a starter in hydroponics. It will give you an exclusive opportunity to grow your plants economically and fast.

Key Features

  • Fast plant growing system

  • Reliable, simple, and excellent value for your money

  • Fully boxed or complete AutoPot system

  • Different Header Tank alternatives are separately available

  • Will automatically supply the fresh nutrient solution whenever the water level goes low

  • You can use multiple AutoPots together to cover an extensive garden space

  • The 15ltr pots will allow your crops to grow healthy and large root systems


  • 4 by 15 Liter Square Pots

  • 4 by Single Pot Trays

  • 4 by Aqua Valves

  • 4 by Root Controlling Discs

  • 2 by 6mm cross connecting devices

  • 4 by 6mm tee

  • 1 by 6mm filter gold

  • 1 by 47-liter tank and lid

  • 1 by top grommet hat

  • 1 by 4-meter length of 6mm Flexi tube

How the System Works?

Crops grow in 4 by 15-liter square pots in the system. You feed the nutrient solution using gravity from a 47-liter tank through 6mm Flexi-pipe. The Flexi-pipe is connected to all the four Aqua valves that sit on the inner side of every AutoPot tray.

The watering process is controlled using the Aqua Valve. It automatically fills the tray’s bottom to a shallow 20mm depth and then switches off the flow of the solution from the installed Header Tank. The nutritional solution that is in the tray of the autopot then waters the vessel from the base as the pot’s substrate wicks up the solution.

The Smart Valve will remain shut completely until the whole nutrient solution that is at the base of the AutoPot is used up. The Smart Valve will re-open once the tray’s bottom is dry and fill the nutrient solution that is in the Header tank to 20mm. Therefore, the Smart Valve will only open when it is necessary. There is an increase in the watering frequency as the crops grow larger and become thirstier.

There is a root control disc that is located at the base of the 15-liter pots to block substrates or soil from falling from the bottoms. The bottom of the AutoPot Tray also has a copper disk to prevent the roots from germinating into the outlet of the Aqua Valve.

How to Use?

You can put together this system in various ways depending on the prevailing circumstances. The setup process is actually very simple. Just run a 6mm pipe from the system’s 47-liter reservoir to the aqua valves. The Aqua Valves are inside all trays and fill them to the 20mm level as and when required.

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