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Ecoplus Water Chiller

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Eco Plus Water Chiller

Do you need a chiller for your hydroponics system, aquarium or reservoir? Eco Plus Chillers are a perfect choice and provide you with optimum performance and corrosion resistance with their top of the line titanium heat ex-changer. You will be blow away by how reliable and efficient their high quality compressor is. The LCD operated by a micro computer is easy to operate even for a complete beginner.

You know the summer months can be hot and even in the winter your grow rooms temp can easily rise to temperatures over 80F. When your water or nutrient solution gets this hot your plants have a harder time taking up the nutrients and the possibility for root rot goes way up. In hydroponics rooms, reservoirs are also often heated up by high intensity growing lamps and other equipment required for successful indoor gardening.

For the best results and highest yields you will want to keep your reservoirs nutrient solution at a constant 68 to 75F. When you purchase the Eco Plus Water chiller, you can be assured that your hydroponic gardens water supply will always be at the optimal temperature controlled by the Digital LCD display that is powered by an internal micro computer. This display and function is easy to use and perfect even for beginners.

This unit is able to drop the temperature of 93 gallons of nutrient solution by over 10F or if you are only using 35 gallons you can expect a drop by as much as 30F. An ideal solution for all your hydroponic reservoir solutions, the heat ex-changer is made of titanium that is corrosion resistant.

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