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EcoPlus Ebb and Flow Fitting Kit

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EcoPlus Ebb and Flow Fitting Kit

CA$ 9.95

It is a revolutionary kit that helps you build the most efficient ebb and flow system for your hydroponic system. They are designed for efficient use in whatever space you happen to have; be it indoors or outdoors. There’s almost no limit to the different and creative ways that you can use this kit to design your ebb and flow system.

Our kit includes both bulkhead fittings as well as ebb and flow fittings. To increase versatility, the bulkhead fittings can accept PVC pipe fittings. This makes the fittings also ideal for use in both aeroponic and drip systems. The pieces are made using materials of the finest quality by highly skilled craftsmen and women. The final product undergoes stringent quality control to ensure that it is a snug fit. All the pieces in the kit are therefore made of top-quality black plastic.

EcoPlus Ebb and Flow Fitting Kit are designed to give the grower the best eco-friendly fill and drainage system.


  • One 1/2 inch Tub Outlet Fitting,

  • One 3/4 inch Tub Outlet Fitting,

  • Two Screen Fittings

  • Three Outlet Extension Fittings

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CA$ 9.95

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