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Oatkon EcoTester TDS Low

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Oatkon EcoTester TDS Low

Save time and energy when collecting important data for your greenhouse/aquaponic or hydroponic crops. The Oakton EcoTester TDS Low meter fits your hands or pockets. Ideal for collecting low PPS readings. Especially useful when germinating plants or nurturing young seedlings. This convenient garden testing tool gives you the ability to check on the conductivity and TDS conditions 24/7. Comes with  clip that allows you to attach the unit to pocket or belt.

The unit has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands. Convenient orientation makes it possible to view the display screen from any angle. Dip the tester tip and read the data without turning the meter. Permanent, built-in sensor requires no replacement or adjustments. The housing unit prevents any interior accumulation of water, humidity and dust. Use this TDS hand-held meter outdoors or indoors-wherever you need to test growing mediums.


  • Electrodes are constructed from durable stainless steel

  • Dustproof/waterproof casing

  • Offers an automatic shut-down feature (extends life of batteries)

  • Locks in screen display with the HOLD option

  • TDS adjusts automatically (1.0-.4)

  • Adaptable to a wide range of user applications

  • Self-diagnostic program alerts user to errors or problems


  • Cost-effective product

  • Reliable performance

  • Accurate measurements

  • Perfect for collecting/monitoring those low range TDS levels (0-1990ppm)

  • 1 touch calibration

  • Permanent sensor is built-in to the unit

  • Electrodes are resistant to chemical corrosion

  • Automatically compensates for temperature changes

  • Checks PPM/PPTEC/USEC and Salt

  • Uses 1.5volt batteries (4)- included with purchase


  • Follow manufacturer instruction sheet for proper usage. Simple dip and read operation.


  • Excellent product for use in agricultural or field-testing environments

  • Perfect for students, gardeners, aquaponics and hydroponics

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Manufacturer Oakton


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