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GroZone DIM-1 Fan Speed Dimmer

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Fan Speed Dimmer Switch (DIM-1)

Optimize the air circulation in your growing establishment and create an environment that promotes healthier plant growth.Use the ETL approved Grozone Fan Speed Dimmer modules to optimize activation and control of the centrifugal fans installed in your greenhouse.  Adjust the speeds of a centrifugal fan quickly and accurately.

Choose full power speed or dim the speed incrementally. Lowest speed selection is 10 percent of full power.  Engineered for reliable, long-lasting performance. Designed to drive 120 Vac fans with single phase induction motors (max 750 watts/Includes a quick start function that can be used when activating the fan/Makes fan operations easier and more efficient.

One plug-in unit provides growers with instant control of fan speeds. Speed choices range from 10% to full power mode. The module is designed to work with single phase motorized fans (120 Vac) and can be used with a wide selection of fan models (750 W maximum).


  • ETL approved

  • Enables activation or deactivation upon start-up/ or after a power failure

  • Improves operation for industrial/commercial fans

  • Cost-effective option for greenhouse operators

  • Module plugs in to a standard electrical outlet


  • Wall mounting optional (hardware included)

  • Slows speed of fan blades to a minimum of 10%

  • Operates 120Vac motors with single phase design (max. wattage 750)

 Directions: User manual is included in the purchase. Follow these directions for proper installation


  • Intended for use with large single phase fans that utilize induction motors

  • Offers growers more precise control of interior air circulation

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