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Grozone TV1 Day/Night Fan Speed Control

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Temp-1V Day/Night Fan Speed Thermostat (TV1)

Enjoy automated speed control of the centrifugal fans used in greenhouses and other indoor planting areas. User chooses a specific temperature set point (day/night) from the available range of values. This set point will then adjust the speed of the fans to best suit the needs of the growing environment. This results in more precise temperatures being maintained throughout an entire 24 hour period of time.

In the past most speed controllers resulted in higher temperature differentials (2-3°C) that  negatively affected plant growth and survivability.

The TV1 Fan Speed Control modules restrict the temperature variations to an extremely narrow range of  0-1°C. Differential can be adjusted when tighter/softer control is desired. Minimal variation of indoor temperatures offer a more optimal growing environment for all plants.


  • 6 foot cord/ precision designed sensor

  • Easy mounting on wall, studs or other flat surfaces

  • Use with 120 voltage/AC induction fans (maximum 750 Watts)

  • ETL approved TV1 Fan Speed Control unit is the ideal solution when you want to promote fast plant growth in forced ventilation growing areas.

Product Details

  • User guide with diagrams, applications and instructions

  • Mounting screws

  • Trouble shooting pamphlet

  • Instructional video

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