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Organic Transplanting Fertilizer 4-10-2 ACTI-SOL

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Organic Transplanting Fertilizer

Choose this premium organic fertilizer for your lawn, garden, ornamentals, fruits and vegetable plants. Acti-Sol (4-10-2) Transplanting Fertilizer is designed to rev up growth and production for all plants and shrubs. This patented formula contains a high level of natural phosphorous that helps resolve basic crop cultivation issues. These pellets add nutrients, minerals and organic matter to garden soils. Builds humus content, improves soil fertility and provides the crucial phosphates required by rapidly growing plants.

Give your garden an optimized nutrient boost. Slow-release pellets provide food and nourishment that can be absorbed directly into the roots of shrubs, ornamentals and other plants. 4-10-2 organic fertilizing formula targets soils that test strongly alkaline and lacks essential phosphates.


  • Natural compost

  • Organic formula

  • Dry pellets are easy to apply to soil

  • Time-release fertilizer carefully restores perfect balance to garden soil


  • 55% organic material to improve aeration properties and  boost composition of soil

  • Combines natural B-thione meal with poultry manure-totally organic ingredients

  • Helps raise humus content

  • Provides essential plant nutrients and minerals

  • No binders

  • No filling agents

  • No synthetic compounds

  • Sludge-free composition

  • Addresses soil problems resulting from high alkaline readings

  • Ingredients have been dried, dehydrated and transformed into easy-to-use pellets


  • Follow the label instructions

  • Check pH level of soil prior to use

  • Water soil thoroughly after fertilizer has been applied

  • Use only the recommended amount during any single application


  • To be applied directly to lawns or gardens as fertilizing agent.

  • Designed to resolve highly alkaline soils and balance pH levels

  • Replenishes nutrients, phosphates and organic matter in poor or exhausted soils

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