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General Hydroponics Hardwater Flora Micro 5-0-1

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Flora Micro Hard Water

Are your plants failing to thrive despite your best efforts to keep them healthy? Are the leaves and stems beginning to discolor and turn yellow? Do you live in an area that is known for “hard water”? Then the gardening problems could be caused by contaminants in the water supply that are preventing plant roots from getting enough nutrients.

Hard water can block the absorption of the plant nutrients required for success in the garden. With Flora Micro Hardwater you can overcome the challenges posed by the use of mineral rich (200ppm and higher) H2O water sources.

The quality and purity of your garden water will play a major role in how well your plants are developing. Hard water contains an abundance of minerals that can negatively impact your crops.

This type of water has elevated levels of calcium and magnesium. Plants can only use a limited amount of these particular minerals. When too much calcium and magnesium are being delivered then the root systems are blocked from the essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development. Typically plants will begin to turn yellow when their roots are unable to absorb necessary nutrients.

If you are using hard water in your garden then you need to make sure that your H2O supply is not going to halt the absorption and transport of crucial nutritional compounds.

This specialized formula has been designed for use when your base water supply contains significantly high amounts of minerals.  If your available water contains 70ppm (or higher) levels of calcium this product is a “must-have” for your gardening arsenal.

General Hydroponics has created a liquid plant food capable of supplying the micronutrients, essential compounds and trace elements needed by rapidly maturing garden plants. The formula ensures that the root systems are able to absorb a perfect balance of important nutrients and overcomes those root uptake issues that are attributed to hard water usage.


  • Combination of essential nutrients including urea, potassium, calcium and nitrogen

  • Ensures ideal balance of nutrients in a readily absorbed formula

  • Prevents “nutrient blockage” due to hard-water usage

  • Supports maximum nutritional uptake during each phase of a plant’s life-cycle


  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 pint-55 gallon

  • Pre-mixed nutrients in a convenient, affordable liquid formula

  • Simple to use

  • Cost-effective

  • Solves root absorption issues linked to use of hard-water

Directions: With the convenient liquid formula you only have to measure the appropriate amount and add it to your garden water. No need to pre-mix any ingredients.

Check the label to determine the exact amount of liquid concentrate to use. The amount used will depend on both the growth stage and the type of plant.

*Standard amounts = 2.5-10 ccs to 1 gallon of H2O

Scope of Use: Can be applied throughout a plant’s growing cycle when balanced feedings are desired. Intended for use with “hard water” that exceeds 200ppm of contaminants or when the level of calcium in a water supply exceeds 70ppm.

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