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FloraKleen (Salt Clearing Solution)

A clearing solution for mineral salt

Removes plant stress by dissolving accumulated salts from fertilizers as well as imbalanced and excess nutrients. You should use a final flush for several days before you harvest to ensure sugaring as well as promoting maturation. This product is safer for all media and systems throughout the life cycle of the plants you are growing

It removes residue from fertilizers that have accumulated in your growing media, potting soil as well as hydroponic systems. Purging your hydroponic system and potted plants of excessive salts on a monthly basis is recommended. You can use it throughout the life of your plants to remove excess from regular fertilization. A fantastic final flush that is proven to improve the flavor of your favourite harvested plants. With a reasonably low price and high concentration, this product is a perfect economic choice for the maintenance of your plants.

Directions for us in hydroponic systems. Use between nutrient changes by adding 1-2 tsp of florakleen for every gallon of water and if you want a milder solution for delicate, fragile or young plants and a stronger solution for older plants that are almost ready to harvest. You should recirculate in your hydro system for several hours, drain and then refill your hydroponic system with fresh new nutrients.

Direction of use :

If you want to use in hydroponic systems as a final flush before harvest then it is recommended that you drain the old nutrients and discard. You should then refill your hydroponic reservoir with clean fresh water, mixing 2tsp for every gallon of water and run this solution during the last few days before you harvest your garden.

In soil and soil-less mixes it is suggested that you fill a watering can of average size with clean water and then add one or two tsp of product. Drench your media until the water runs out of the bottom of your containers and pots, then resume regular fertilizing schedule with your next watering.

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