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General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7

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Flora Nova Bloom

Healthy plants need proper nutrition at all developmental stages. As garden plants begin to produce buds, flowers and fruit they will require higher levels of specific organic compounds to reach their full potential. It can provide those crucial nutrients that are needed in order for optimal fruiting and flowering to take place.

Increased setting of fruit and larger harvest yield are not the only positive factors that result from the use of this product. Many growers have also reported dramatic improvements in the color, taste and fragrance of their crops.

This General Hydroponics formula is designed to enhance flower and fruit production for an extensive variety of plants.  Created to promote maximum yield, this product should be used at the beginning of the flowering stage and continued until the last crops are harvested.

  • Ideal choice suitable for any garden environment

  • Use with any household, greenhouse or outdoor garden plants

  • Utilize this formula with your hydroponic gardens or add to garden soil

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General Hydroponics

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