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FloraShield Water Treatment

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FloraShield (Rinse System)

System and Plant Rinse

Avoid using toxic and hash chemical while maintaining healthy roots. FlorShield has a unique combination of compounds that will completely rinse your systems and plants throughout all phases of growth. Florashieds can be used safely around all growing plants throughout all stages of growth.

Gardeners around the world agree that FloraShields corrects root problems

Note: Do not use with SubCulture-B or SubCulture-M

How to use

  • Standard Solution: Combine 2 Tbs FloraShield to 1 Gallon of fresh water. 10ml per Litre

  • Propagation: Dip cuttings in Florashield solution for 10 - 20 seconds then dip into fresh water to rinse. Follow by applying rooting propagation formula.

  • Seed Preparation: Dip seeds in FloraShield for several minutes. This cleans your seeds for germination.

  • Root Drench: Drench plant roots with standard FloraShield solution. Add every 1 - 2 weeks to maintain clean roots.

  • Hydroponic Resevoir: Mix FloraShield Solution in Reservoir. Circulate for 1 - 2 hours, then add regular nutrient solution

  • Foliar Application: Spray on stems and leaves trhoughout growing cycle, being certain to soak undersides of plant leaves

  • Rooting Media: Pre-soak media with FloraShield Solution or overnight for reuse. Reuse rookwool and clay pellets. Note: Do not reuse deteriorated or contaminated media.

  • Weekly Treatment: Mix standard solution 1:1000 dilution and drench plant roots. Suitable for garden grown and hydroponic garden plants.

  • To Clean Use Media: Requires overnight soaking in 1:1000 solution. Cleans and prepares media for reuse. Suitable for coc coir, rockwool and clay pebbles.

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