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Iluminar iL8 (Flowering and Vegetative)

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Iluminar iL8 (Flowering and Vegetative LED Grow Light)

The ILUMINAR iL8 is built for high performance when needed. Specially a flowring and vegetative led grow light. The LED outperforms the competition to deliver impeccable results.

Its finely-tuned spectrum (indoor full sun) and the extra diodes it features work together to produce unmatched outcomes. The lamp comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Scope of use: Designed for use during the vegetative and flowering stages.


  • Requires a lower clearance to the canopy

  • Requires high performance and supports large commercial or standalone

  • 670 watts input power

  • Ideal for individual hobbyist or large-scale commercial use

  • Supports hard LED bar mounting to the hub

  • Allows remote mounting under multi-level growth areas

  • Multi-spectrum LED diodes for lighting

  • Smart sensing 100V to 277V

  • 55,000+ hours lifetime

6” to the top of canopy, mounting height

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