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A garden is an area containing one or more types of plants usually plants grown for food such as vegetables and ornamental plants. Gardens have been known to be an out-door system of planting in the past. However, in recent times, advanced techniques have brought planting into our homes and made indoor gardening possible. A supply of materials and basic knowledge of gardening is required to run a garden. Therefore, if you wish to begin one, you need to understand the need for the following garden terms.

Water Filtering Systems: Water contaminants are generously around us. Contaminated water can pose a threat to the growth of plants. A good water filtering system is very important in a hydroponic system as water is the growing medium.

Bud Trimmer: Harvesting has its own challenges as it could be time consuming and labor intensive. You need to use something more convenient and effective. You need a bud trimmer for easy harvesting as it produces uniform and quality product. It also reduces waste and produces products as gently as human hands would. Bud trimmers are available in any sizes to suite your growth demand.

Aeroponics Systems: This is a system of gardening whereby plants are nourished by misting their suspended roots. It is an indoor method of gardening. The absence of soil (geoponics) or other growing mediums enable the roots to fully breathe, thus guaranteeing maximum intake of nutrients and greater crop yields. You’ll be shocked by how fast your veggies and fruits grow!

Grow Tent: If you have thoughts of an indoor garden, you should have a grow tent in mind due to its numerous advantages and benefits you stand to gain. No matter what plant you intend to grow, be it fruit, vegetables or just ornamental and decorative plants, a grow tent will produce the best results with the least amount of labor. Since grow tents are basically sealed off areas for your indoor greenhouse, they furnish you a larger management and control over things like humidity, temperature and lighting for your indoor gardening project.

Plant Growing Medium: This is the material on which the plants are grown. In hydroponics, the growing medium is water. The growing medium for geoponics is soil. Plants have recently been known to grow in air too (aeroponics). Just about any inert material can be used in planting as a growing medium. Inert meaning that it won’t decay, wear or break down quickly, thus providing nutrients to the plants such as Rockwool or expanded clay pellets.

Hydroponic Nutrients: Hydroponic plants (Plants that are grown with water as its growing medium) require everything the soil should have provided them and even more for better yield. The growing medium won't be able to grow anything on its own as plants would die as a result of nutrient deficiency. The nutrients the plants need are present in the nutrient solution and are made available for the plant roots by moistening the growing medium with these nutrients.

Soil Treatment: These are chemical treatments applied in the soil to keep it in a healthy state for plants to grow properly. Soil treatment such as lime treatment helps in reducing soil acidity.

Greenhouse Controller: The general climatic conditions do not adequately aid excellent yield. Green house controllers control the temperature of grow tents keeping the tent at optimum temperature. As your plants grow indoors, a stable temperature for its successful growth is required.

pH/EC/TDS meters: This is equipment used to determine the water parameters such as acidity, water conductivity and sedimentation. Regular checks of these parameters keep you aware of the chemical composition of the medium and how it affects the growth of the plant. These meters are required in hydroponic gardening.

Plant Pots/Containers: You definitely can’t expect your plant to outsmart the law of gravity as it would fall down to earth if you leave it without a container or plant pot. Be it aeroponic, hydroponic or geoponic, you need a stationery container for your plants to live in.

Pest and Disease Control: As much as we try to keep our garden clean, we shouldn’t forget to keep handy herbicides and pesticides in case of a pest or disease outbreak. Fumigation is advised too to keep the pests away from the garden. Indoor plants face pests such as spiders, ants etc.

Plant Rooting/Propagation: For hybrid propagation, budding and grafting processes can be employed to yield better plant species. Products such as propagator and rooting agents will help your young plants and cutting get off to a great start.

Fans and Blowers: These items help in moving and purifying the air around your indoor plants. This is important because clean and fresh air is necessary for plant growth.

Grow Lights: Plants respond to stimuli. Grow lights are positive stimuli which aid in plant growth as plants tend to grow towards light. Generally, plants can’t grow in a dark place as it is void of photo effects.

Odor Remover: Sweet smelling air fresheners such as Ona can be kept in grow tents to prevent odor, emanating from the break-down and decay of organic matter and nutrients in the water medium. Charcoal filters are also often used to clean the odor from the air before releasing it into the outside air.

Air Ducting: This is very important for proper ventilation. Air pipes should be installed in indoor gardens for regular air change.

Irrigation Systems: Equipment such as water hoses, watering cans, irrigation sprinklers, rain water storage barrels and other water accessories make up an irrigation system. It is very important to have such facilities as their absence during the dry season can stall the growing process. You certainly can’t do without it in a garden.

Garden Accessories: Garden extras such as garden kits, hand gloves and safety boots shouldn’t be far-fetched as they are used regularly in the day to day running of your garden.