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Aeroponics Systems

Aeroponics Grow Systems for Soil-less/Hydroponic Growers.

An Aeroponics system grows plants in a moist setting where soil is not necessary. It was introduced long ago but gained popularity in the recent years.

Currently, it is used in the production of urban food on a large scale, because of its soil-less nature. Many are opting for this system instead of hydroponic methods because it is up to 60% more economical. Just like an average garden, it can grow anything from herbs to fruits. For it to give back good results, avoid growing trees and bushes in the aero system since they do not guarantee good results.


  • It has a chamber for growing plants, and it should have holes for plants to be hanged.
  • A timer to switch on and off the high-pressure pump.
  • Nutrient solutions.


  • Water conservation is highly practiced through the closed loop.
  • The automation process reduces the labor cost.
  • The absence of soil makes it easier to harvest the crops.
  • Control of pest infestation and diseases.
  • The plant roots have better exposure to oxygen.
  • It is much easier to transfer plants from location to another
  • It controls the moisture for better plant growth.
  • The roots have direct access to nutrients.
  • It produces high-quality food.

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