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Coco Tek Basket Caps and Liners

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CocoTek Basket Caps and Liners

CA$ 8.50

These 8-inch General Hydroponics Coco tek basket liners are created to sit inside plastic baskets which will help prevent soil and also other excess drainage from falling over the bottom on the pot, a lot like conventional flowerpots.

They allow roots to develop effortlessly from the bottom on the basket when plants are transplanted right into a moist medium.

Direction in order to use:

  • Put a lid on CocoTek or plastic baskets. Perfect for holding cuttings upright and keeping moisture in the place that the roots demand it.

  • They are very great for beginning with small seeds such as lettuce and spinach, they grip them absolutely; hold water properly for hydroponic gardening

  • These work perfect for starting seeds and holding cuttings after rooting particularly if you are putting them in Coco coir medium.

Tips for usage:

  • Hydroponic growers can join up coconut fiber woven Coco Tek Basket Liners by the use of net cups to aid the stabilization of young plants and stop grow media loss.

  • Each of the 8 eco-friendly liner is furthermore strong as much as necessary to use as a separate storage place which could later on be transplanted openly into the open-air garden. The water and plant roots can easily seep into the liners to make adjustment for drainage avoidable.

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