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Water Filtration

Water Filtering Systems

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Hydrologic Water Filtering System

Without pure water plants can't survive. Unhealthy water interrupts the plant's life cycle and stunts growth. Pure water is vitally important to produce plant food along with CO2 and sunlight and you will begin to initiate the photosynthesis process.

The water quality of nearby sources used for planting is dependent on the dissolved ions present in the water. If there is a variance, the water has to be purified before it is supplied to plants. Using a good purification technique helps to remove harmful contaminants in the water since you might not know what your city supply is composed of.

Chlorine and chloramines are common in our city water and have been noticed to trigger high level of toxicity in plant systems. Also they are bacteria killing chemicals added to destroy and sanitize the water against bacteria- both beneficial and non beneficial, hence ruining the possibility of a biological symbiosis based on mutualism.

In contrast to city supply, ground water from underground storage contains a high quantity of sediments and mineral concentration. There is need for low sedimentation in hydroponics to aid aeration and root breathing. Water quality is primarily essential in hydroponic planting, fish pond management, and animal husbandry since there is regular contact between nature’s most unbound and abundant liquid and these organisms.

A good filtering system is advantageous as it helps to provide a healthy growing medium for plants in your grow tents. There are different types of purification systems such as reverse osmosis method, de-chlorinator and single stage activated carbon purification systems that are aimed at reducing or eliminating contaminants in the water.

There are many water filtration systems available, including reverse osmosis, de-chlorinator to reduce ppm, chloramine, sediment dirts, iron, sulfur and many other unwanted elements.

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