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Centurion Pro Trimmer

Centurion Pro Trimmer

We are in this business since 2002 with trust and quality. We are verified by the Google.

Number 1 Automatic Bud Trimmer which Supports both Dry and Wet Trimming.

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Centurion Pro Trimmer

The centurion pro trimmer replaces the need to hire approximately 25 employees and it only costs a fraction of what the competitors charge. While talking about speed, no other trimmer on the market provides the speed and precision of this brand.

It is known for its smaller, lighter and faster features compared to other trimmers in the market. Moreover, it is easy to use, simple to clean and maintain and is available at very affordable prices.

It operates in stealth mode with low noise and high performance. It is not expensive when you consider when you consider your return on investment bring profit quickly and saves time, energy and the cost of hiring numerous people to trim your harvest.

It is truly innovative leader in the next generation of automated trimmers. No wonder, this product is the winner of the High Times Magazine Stash award 2012. It is replacement for 20-30 hand trimmers to work at the same account of time. Centurion pro trimmer comes compact and is made using all industrial several features such as:

  • Triple-Cut System: Ensures that trimming is performed rapidly and thoroughly the first time. This makes it efficient enough to save your time, effort and money.
  • Patent Pending Innovations: Produced with several new patent-pending innovations to create a quality product.
  • Suction Capability: Its dust collector is an industrial grade unit that comprises of more than sufficient suction power to deal with any kind of job.
  • Motor: This superior quality, 2 HP motors are included with this pro trimmer which powers the machine ensuring that it lasts for a very long time.
  • Power Cord: It can be wired to either 120 or 240 volts depending upon your power source.
  • Efficient to Collect Debris: Its strong suction capability ensures that all loose debris is quickly removed from the cuttings area permitting the centurion pro to perform its task with utmost efficiency. Then loose residues are then collected in a durable, zippered bag that can easily and quickly be emptied.
  • Precise: Designed to offer very tight trimming of the plant at first go.
  • Potential: Capable of processing 8-12 pounds of dry or 40-60 pounds of wet material per hour while displaying its efficiency against the competition.
  • Compact Design: It is made to simply fit into any size of vehicle for quick movement.
  • Weight: It is only 90 pounds to conveniently move it from one place to another.
  • Accessories: All parts such as dust collector, hopper etc. are included with the trimmer with all cost inclusive.
  • Casters: it comes with casters to offer easy and convenient mobility.
  • Affordable: This high performing product comes in industrial grade parts at most affordable prices and is actual prices half of other competitive trimming machines.

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