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Reverse Osmosis (RO) FIlter

Reverse Osmosis (RO) method of water quality maintenance reduces the amount of residual dissolved ions, total dissolved solid (TDS), sedimentation, suspended solids, and neutralizes the acidity level (pH) on post filtration. At the end of this process, hydroponic gardening can be safely commenced as the water is healthy to encourage robust plant growth.

The supply from this method contains no ions and is devoid of any risk of a mismatch with plants as it has high suitability to any hydroponic crop. You might not have to use a purification system on your garden but it is actually the best for your garden as you might not be able to ascertain the component salts that make up the dissolved ions and TDS in your water supply.

An estimated 200ppm of TDS in a ground water supply might contain poisonous salts of mercury and lead. Planting with such a poisonous liquid will only lead to harvesting poisonous plants – leading to mass food poisoning when sold out in the market. The reverse osmosis (RO) method will help eliminate all these unwanted salts and ions.

TDS meters can be used to ascertain the efficiency of the RO method. TDS of zero is advised to ensure maximum root aeration and breathing. The reverse osmosis technique has a treatment mechanism of 3 stages and is regarded as the most effective purification system.