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Mammoth offers both novice and advanced growers excellent gardening solutions. You can be sure of high quality because of the strong framing that has plastic protective coverings, durable and high reflective Mylar, and dual stitching. The brand also has several models that will fit in your budget and are ideal for professional growers.


  • High light proof design (Level two)
  • Hooks and straps to offer an easy integration of the equipment
  • Plastic corner material that offer maximum rigidity
  • Equipment hangers
  • Easy and quick to assemble or dissemble
  • Large doors that are easy to get in and work
  • Removable water trays
  • Washable material on the interior and exterior
  • Comes with two ventilation windows
  • 95% reflective Mylar 210D fabric
  • Compatible with nearly all hydroponic systems
  • Flexible setup due to various exhausts and intakes
  • Strong equipment tubes to hold 60kg and above
  • Steel frames with 16mm tubes
  • The equipment tubes have a load capacity of 30kg


  • Offers staffs high quality and economical indoor growing solutions
  • Reduce insect attacks
  • Reduce spread of diseases
  • Has all openings required for indoor cultivation
  • The outer covering prevents transfer of light while the inner layer maximizes the reflection of light
  • Guaranteed air reflection
  • Suitable for growing and maintaining cuttings