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Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin Grow Tent

Different technologies have evolved to make you have an awesome experience in indoor gardening. These technologies brought about the production of grow tents that can be easily managed to set up a successful indoor garden, without having to worry about the seasons. This means that, using grow tents can place the control of your growing environment completely in your hands.

Secret Jardin grow tent is one of those companies, which uses this technology to produce hydroponic-based grow tents and other indoor gardening accessories. Their grow tents are customised to adapt to the needs of both amateur and professional indoor gardeners, which makes them easy to use.

These grow tents come in varying sizes for any form of configuration you may think of. Being in business since 2006, Secret Jardin grow tent ensure that their grow tents are outfitted with some features, which provide for adequate ventilation, high light tightness and durability.

Features of their grow tents

Secret Jardin grow tent has the following features to its credit:

  • Reflective interior lining. The interior is made with a washable mylar lining, which assures a high reflectiveness of light to the plants.
  • Ventilation ports. The ventilation ports of the grow tents are big enough to allow for an adequate circulation of fresh air. The adjustable capacity these ventilation ports have also controls the temperature of your indoor garden, which is suitable for plant growth.
  • Heavy-duty zippers. The zippers are well-built to enhance high light tightness, preventing the leakage of light when the zipper is closed.
  • Sturdy structure: Secret Jardin grow tents are made with a sturdy aluminium frame alongside stainless steel corners to give your indoor growing space much strength.
  • Easy to set up. Due to the straightforward manual that accompanies every Secret Jardin grow tent, they are very easy to set up, needing little or no help from anyone except in the cases of a very big size. You can also quickly disassemble the grow tents for storage.

Guidelines on how to use a grow tent

To ensure a successful indoor gardening experience, you may need to consider the following:

  • Location: It is important you choose the best location, which will be strictly meant for housing the tent. In that particular location you might have chosen, ensure that there is a constant supply of water and power supply. Abstain from positioning the tent on a carpet in order to avoid the tent from spilling over.
  • Assemble the tent: To set up your grow tent, follow the instructions that came with the packaging box. The instructions are written in a simple and straightforward language which makes it so easy to assemble alone. You may, however, need to seek help in case your grow tent is very big.
  • Set up the grow lights: Grow lights are very essential for the growth of your garden. To prevent your plant from getting burnt, you may need to keep a large amount of distance between your plant and the grow lights.
  • Measure the environmental factors of the tent: It is important you check for balance among the environmental factors like air circulation, heat, humidity and the likes, in order to ensure that your grow tent maintains a stable environment. You can keep track of these factors with an environmental meter well fastened to your grow tent while you are not there. Just to be sure, you can try doing this before growing your seeds
  • Start growing your seeds.
  • Regularly supply nutrients and water to the to it. The supply of nutrients and water must be done regularly because your plants depend on them for survival. With this, the survival of your indoor garden lies in your hands now.

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