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TrimPro Bud Trimmer

We are in this business since 2002 with trust and quality. We are verified by the Google. Manufacturer Warranty Included.

Prices are in Canadian Dollar. Call or email us for any assistance.

For growers at various stages of development, the TrimPro comes with over 11 models and has something special for them. The design of the TrimPro includes the branch plans, with flexible fingers on the blades to roll flowers without damaging them. Some models use the whirlwind airflow feature that moves flower buds across the trimmer.


  • Powerful three-phase motor.
  • Variable speed dimmer.
  • Height adjustable blades.
  • Circular Hermetic area for the whirlwind effect.
  • Upper holding container.
  • Electric trimmer.

Directions of use and maintenance:

The TrimPro is designed for wet trims only. It is the ideal option to use on wet buds which are still fresh and flexible. It is also a good idea to moisturize the plants before using the automatic machine on them. Take advantage of the adjustable trim height, airflow, rotor speed, and roller fingers to fine tune your preferences when working on specific plants.

For cleaning, all the trim pro twisters have non-stick grates that make cleaning very easy. Sometimes resins may build up on the machine, but you can quickly wipe it off or decide to clean the machine every 2-3 hours to avoid the buildup altogether. The grate can be removed for thorough cleaning.

Note: Doesn't not require any lubrication or sharpening of the blades.

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