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Twister Trimmer

We are in this business since 2002 with trust and quality. We are verified by the Google.

Automatic trimming machines which can process both dry and wet bud.

Twister Trimmer Corps. offers ironclad 3yr & optional 2yr extended Warranty. Prices are not listed due to fluctuating shipping costs, please email us or call our retail location for all inquiries.

The design of the Twister trimmers is done with production in mind. It is a “one-piece design” that lets you trim continuously with the conveyor and rail systems bringing gravity on your side for maximum efficiency. It incorporates a stationary bed knife with a rotating blade that mimics scissors shearing action, assuring the smartest and cleanest cuts comparable only to a hand trimmer


  • Automated bud trimmer.
  • Back to back linking capabilities.
  • High performance and quality parts.
  • Bed-knife coupled with stationary rotating blades.
  • Fast and continuous quality cuts.
  • Can be motorized or used mechanically.
  • Equipped a bottom bowl for holding leaves and twigs.
  • Earnests power equivalent to 30 scissors.
  • The unit can be disassembled easily for cleaning.
  • Designed for both wet and dry trimming.

The twister trimmers incorporate a unique back to back feature that lets you link two trimmers. This feature allows the product to take the shortest time possible but at the same time covering a larger surface area.

Directions of use and Maintenance:

Before using the machine, you should oil up the blades and shrouds using a special oil. Clear cut. During trimming, spay the nylon brushes with ice water every 5-7 minutes for lubrication. It will ensure that you run the trimmer for hours.

For cleaning, the twister trimmer is easy to disassemble and cannot take you more than a minute. You can clean the parts using pressure water, and alcohol or simple green for detailed cleaning.

Note: the blades of the twister trimmers do not require sharpening. The blades are detachable, and you have to replace them after 400 to 1000 hours of service.

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