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Natural Coconut Coir Brick (Natural Coconut Coir Brick, Mixed Brick and Chip)

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Natural Coconut Coir Brick

CA$ 3.30

Our Natural Coconut Coir Bricks are completely natural. They are made from byproducts of harvesting coconut using sustainable methods in Sri Lanka and India. They are made from course coir fibers from coconut husks. They are then compressed to form compact bricks that can be transported, handled and stored easily.

Coconut coir bricks have now become commonplace even in commercial greenhouse operations. They are now a popular replacement for Rockwool, peat moss and perlite. In addition to offering a balanced pH, the bricks also create a growth medium with excellent air and water holding capacity. It also reduces the incidence of root diseases in the plants.

Each brick provides a growing medium of approximately 0.125 cubic feet. Each has the capacity to hold water 8-10 times its volume. Its use in hydroponics can be attributed to its superior structural stability, drainage, water absorption and slower decomposition rate. When used as a soil amendment, the plants require fewer fertilizers.

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CA$ 3.30

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