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General Hydroponics Standard Controller

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General Hydroponics Controller

Usually during hydroponics, plants absorb nutrients massively, and this leads to a drop in the nutrient level. This system satisfies the need for a system that regulates the nutrient level. It serves as an additional nutrient reservoir which ensures that a perfect level of the solution is maintained as plants keep drawing in water from their reservoir tanks. At low nutrient levels, the valves open up thereby letting in additional solution from the master reserve.


  • It comprises of a 13-gallon reservoir

  • It can accommodate eight developing units alongside a grommet

  • It has a linear fitting of clear bluish tubing.

  • It constitutes an 8 gal control valve system.

Direction for use:

  • Attach the modules and regulator storage place together via the blue vinyl tubing.

  • Put in the drainpipe into the perforation on the reverse side of the controller.

  • Put the float tap and fasten the brass barb properly.

  • Put the nutrient mix into the controller pending when the modules are crammed to the appropriate level and glide valve shuts the flow off.

  • Correct the float knob to set the point in the modules.

  • Place the lid on the controller and sit the reservoir on top of the controller container.

  • Insert the straight fitting into the grommet near the bottom of the tank. Fill the reservoir with the nutrient solution.

Tips for use:

  • Clean pipe nuzzles to enable passage of nutrients.

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General Hydroponics

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