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General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip System

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General Hydroponics Ecogrower (17Gal)

EcoGrower is designed to be the perfect hydro system for plants growing in small spaces. When properly installed, this system will result in robust plants while achieving impeccable water conservation. The system utilizes special slow-release emitters to deliver water straight to the soil near the roots of your plants. It then conserves water further by preventing deep drainage and ground evaporation.

It is unlike other drip systems commonly found in the market. It assumes a ‘Spider’ drip system with 17-gallon reservoirs that are hexagonal. Each of the reservoirs has a 6-inch lid insert which can accommodate a 6-inch net pot. This is more than adequate even for large plants. Special clay pebbles are incorporated into the model to enhance its water conversation capabilities even further.

Though considerably technical, EcoGrower presents an effective way to deliver water to plants. It has been created to eliminate common problems associated with drip irrigation such as clogging. Its installation is quite straightforward and easy. A user guide manual is also available and can be downloaded online.

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General Hydroponics

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