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FloraBlend 0.5-1-1

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Flora Blend

Need a real vegan plant booster? Then Flora blend is for you. This organic nutrient supplement helps to build healthy roots while your plants immune system builds and its metabolism improves.

You can strengthen the structure of your garden while improving the foliage health with this Vegan Booster that was specially formulated from rock powder, a unique seaweed blend, and plant materials including micronized leonardite.

You won't find a more unique mix of highly bioactive micro-organisms that supply all the food your plants need in a a unique plant food recipe. This is achieved by using bio-conversion which is the process of starting new organic compounds. These compounds have enzymes, organic aids and metabolism that will energize your plants metabolism.

These easily soluble compounds are organic and will help to increase the number of healthy roots of your plants ensuring that a strong immune system is built while also providing all the essential carbon building blocks for a noticeable increase in beautiful colors and improved flavor for any fruit or vegetable.

Use florablend through all stages of life, right from germination and new cuttings all the way in to vegetable and bloom cycles of your plants life.

When used in hydroponics, you should add  it to your usual nutrient solution at a rate of five to ten ml for every 4 liters or 1 - 2 tsp per gallon. When a soil media is used, you should add 5 - 10ml for 4 litres of water and 1 to 2 tsp for every gallon all the way through your regularly scheduled feedings

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