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General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 5-15-14

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Maxi Bloom

During the reproductive stage of a plant’s life-cycle it is important to provide the correct balance of minerals and nutritional supplements. The shift of your focus should be on fruiting and flowers instead of the foliage. It is a low-nitrogen formula that encourages heavier fruit, bud and blossom development while still sustaining healthy foliage.

Less nitrogen is required during the reproductive phase. At this time you need to be supplementing your plants with a product that contains more phosphorous and potassium. The increased phosphorous content will promote fruiting and flowering. A higher potassium content supports the continued development of strong stems and roots.

This water-soluble formula contains the essential amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium necessary to stimulate maximum fruit and flower production. Can be mixed with soil for outdoor crops, used with potted houseplants or added to your hydroponic feedings.

In addition to primary nutrients this product also includes micro-nutrients that help boost the overall quality of your garden crops. Maximize the full potential of your plants and increase your personal gardening success when you use this nutritionally-complete supplement.

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General Hydroponics

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